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Served every morning until 11:00am



MEGA Breakfast
Scrambled Egg / Mushroom / 
Veal Chipolata with Croissant

 X  Shatin

資產 12.jpg


Ham and Sausage Macaroni &

Croissant / Wheat Bread


資產 16.jpg


Farmer's Pita Bread





 X  Shatin

資產 10.jpg


Croissant / Wheat Bread
with Butter & Jam


資產 13.jpg


Scrambled Egg
with Veal Chipolata / Smoked Ham
and Croissant / Wheat Bread

 X  Shatin

資產 17.jpg


Mango Yogurt Cereal
with French Bread / Wheat Bread

 X  Shatin

avacado tuna salad.jpg


Avocado & Tuna

 X  Yuen Long, Luk Yeung Galleria, Shatin, Kwai Fong

資產 11.jpg


Tuna with Cheese on Toast ( 2pcs )

and Macaroni


資產 15.jpg



Macaroni with Scrambled Egg

 X  Shatin



Banana Yogurt Cereal
with French Bread / Wheat Bread


  All breakfast also come with  
House Coffee/Americano/Milk Tea/Lemon Tea/Lemon Water

Optional for Upgrade to Special Drink
Cappuccino / Coffee Latte / Mochaccino / Flat White / Tea Latte / Fruit Tea / Passion Fruit Juice/
Specified Special Drink

Valued Add On

螢幕截圖 2021-06-30 下午3.06.00.png


( 1 portion )

螢幕截圖 2021-06-30 下午3.06.18.png

*​ Smoked Ham

( 2 pcs )

螢幕截圖 2021-06-30 下午3.06.03.png

*​ Scrambled Egg

( 1 portion )

螢幕截圖 2021-06-30 下午3.06.20.png

*​ Mango Yogurt


螢幕截圖 2021-06-30 下午3.06.08.png


( 1 portion )

螢幕截圖 2021-06-30 下午3.06.23.png

Banana Yogurt


螢幕截圖 2021-06-30 下午3.06.14.png

Veal Chipolata

( 2 pcs )

* Shatin branch not available

All visuals & prices are for reference only. The products are depended on availability & supply condition of the particular branches without prior notice.

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