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Online Ordering

< Online Ordering>

Mobile ordering is now in service, now you can order at any branch of euro go go.

Order food with your mobile phone, and then go to the branch to pick it up.

It is easier and more convenient to place order, click the link below to place an order now!

* Let's save your favorite takeaway branch link below

Mobile ordering accepts the following payment methods:
euro go go VIP , Visa , master , Apple pay, Google Pay, UnionPay, Alipay,
To use Octopus, coupons and parking discounts, please place an order at the cashier

Ordering method for existing members

・Members who use mobile ordering for the first time need to complete the simple registration steps first

・After completion, you can bind the membership card for use, and at the same time, you can check the balance and order records of the membership account

< Terms of Use Agreement >

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