< Brand Story >

[ our mission ]


Provide quality in Food & Service, attraction in Price & Place. To ensure every customer experience “food with joy” in euro go go.

[ our product ]


We have a strong product team in making sure that every one of our dishes is satisfaction guaranteed. We would like you to enjoy the fresh tastes and experience of being the real gourmet.

[ our service ]


We believe a refreshing & pleasant dining experience is base on good quality of service. Our crews are well trained by experience expertise to fulfill every customer needs.


< Corporate Responsibility >

As a chain restaurant, we understand that subtle things will have a great impact. Therefore, in terms of procurement, we try to use fair trade products as our first choice. Taking coffee as an example, we use Peruvian fair trade 100% Arabica coffee beans, to ensure the development country's farmers and workers have a reasonable working environment and rewards. Let them live with dignity, reduce environmental damage, and create a sustainable and just society. Furthermore, we are also willing to participate in charitable charity. In the past, we participated in ORBIS “Darkness to go” campaign. We are hoping to give back to every aspect of society while doing business. In environmental protection, our branches are beginning to switch to decomposable environmentally-friendly tableware and do not actively to give the drinking straw. We hope to contribute in environmental protection.


< Our Crew >

We are affable and energetic team.  Everyone will be developed as an F&B expert via consecutive learning & training.  We value your career path and we also believe in work - life balance. Our Go Go Land club is designed to bring happiness in your personal life and work life.  We conduct many activities through out the year for you.  Let's join us and "work with joy" together.

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