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Membership recruitment has been opened! Just top up HK$200 to become our VIP & enjoy 20 e points rebate for purchase food and beverages immediately. Top-up the specified amount during the promotion period, up to $328 offer will be earn! The quota is limited, please contact our staff at any euro go go branch.

[ Benefits ]


After become a member of euro go go, you can earn e-points after each value-added or purchase by cash. e-points can be used to purchase all the food and drinks on the menu. More value-added and earn more e-point. Birthday benefits are also available during the birthday month! In addition, we will also offer exclusive offer for members only. Please pay attention to our website and facebook to get the details of the new promotion update. Let's become a membership and enjoy the benefits!

  • VIP card makes your purchase fast & experience fabulous offers!

  • VIP card can be value added by HK Cash ( min.HK$100 ) or e-payment ( min.HK$200 ). All value added amount will not be refunded. e-points could be gained.

  • You may also settle payment by cash directly while wave your card as the same time. For every HK$10 cash spending, $1 e-points are earned.

  • Every $10 e-points could be used as cash payment when you settle your food and beverage purchase ( Retail product purchase is excluded )

  • VIP's birthday month can enjoy selected food privileges ( Requires registration to receive promotion SMS )

B-Day Gift




*  If you did not fill in your birthday month while registering VIP, you may click the button from above to change or supplement your personal information

[ Q&A ]


Q:Should I present my VIP card for every purchase? Can it be replaced by telling VIP No.?

A:Sorry,in order to make VIP purchase transaction & save purchase data, such as e-points & balance, therefore VIP card must be presented for every purchase.

Q:How is the purchase transaction work with using VIP card?

A:With a simple touch of your VIP card at the processing machine, the system automatically deducts the correct amount.

Q:What can I do if there is not enough balance?

A:You can :

i. ​Add value with your VIP card before settling payment.

ii. Or you can just settle the bill by cash.


Q:How can I earn e-points?

A: e-points can be earned when using cash to do transaction.

For every HK$10 spending, $1 e-points can be earned.

e.g. If you spend HK$29, $2 e-points can be earned.

Q:What is the usage of e-points?

A:e-points is used for every food & beverage purchase, not include retail products. 10 e-point is a unit of using.

Q:What can I do if I lost VIP card or invalid?

A:Vip card invalid, please go to cashier of the branch for a replacement application. If you lost your VIP card, please fill in the online form to apply for card re-issue. You can pick up the new card at the designated branch within 4 working days at the earliest. (Administration fee HK$20 will be charged for lost card)

[ Terms & Conditions ]

To whom using any mobile application or platform to become a member of euro go go (the “member”) hereby indicates that he/she shall acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of the following membership program.


  1. The euro go go membership program is only applicable within the jurisdiction of Hong Kong.

  2. euro go go VIP card can be reloaded by Hong Kong Cash (each HK$100 as a charging unit) or by e-payment (each HK$200 as a charging unit) . All reloaded amount will not be refunded.

  3. e-point can be earned while the bills are settled by way of cash. e-point cannot be exchanged to cash.

  4. The e-point is calculated based on the actual cash amount to be paid after deducting all discounts from the bill. Spending HK$10 in cash can earn 1e-point. Spending less than HK$10 will not be counted. Example: Spend HK$29 will get 2 e-points.

  5. The e-points can be deducted as cash on the next or future purchases, for each purchases e-points are used in units of 10. e-points can only be used to purchase food or beverages on the menu, and not for retail purchases.

  6. The VIP card must be presented and used every time you spend at the cashier counter, otherwise the e-point will not be issued and stored in the VIP card.

  7. Every time the membership card is used to make a transaction, the validity period of the membership will be extended by 2 years from the current date. If the VIP card is not used for 2 consecutive years, the VIP card will be considered invalid. All e-Dollars, e-points and rewards in the membership are non-refundable.

  8. Members must use the Octopus card that has been registered with the mobile application for each purchase. Otherwise, the platform activities will not be able to participate or receive rewards and offers.

  9. For gift redemption through the app, members must read and accept the description, and terms and conditions of the respective reward.

  10. When members redeem the reward, they must open the coupon in the mobile app account and scan the QR code of the coupon to euro go go to redeem the reward. Once the redemption of the reward is confirmed, the system will immediately cancel the relevant coupon from the member account, and the coupon cannot be changed after the cancellation.

  11. Members shall redeem the rewards at the euro go go breaches within the specified time limit. Otherwise, the rewards will be forfeited automatically and will not be re-issued.

  12. Members must understand and accept that all rewards or privileges are limited in number and on a first-come, first-served basis. If the member fails to redeem the reward before the deadline due to limited promotion/reward quota or other reasons, the member must understand and accept any coupons that fails to redeem the reward and will not receive any compensation.

  13. If the redemption be affected by food stock supply due to change of circumstances, euro go go shall substitute with other products without prior notice(s).

  14. All photos and descriptions are for reference only, and the actual product prevails. 

  15. Each purchase transactions are recorded and shown in purchase receipt and the same shall be treated as an official receipt.

  16. Membership benefits and activity rewards are calculated on each consumption receipt, and no combined receipts are accepted. In the event of any refunds, the rewards and privileges given to the member shall be refunded together. If the bonus offer has been used, the member will be required to refund the amount of the bonus offer.

  17. After the member terminates the membership or the membership privileges and rewards expire, all the privileges and rewards in the member's account will be cancelled without prior notice.

  18. All member consumption reward records are subject to the euro go go database. euro go go will not accept any reward claims, and euro go go will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by technical problems or errors that prevent euro go go from retrieving information about members from the platform computer system. euro go go shall not be held responsible for any delay, loss, error or unrecognizable data caused by network problems, system failures, telephone reception problems or interception by third-party applications.

  19. Regardless of whether you have agreed that euro go go may distribute additional member benefits, promotions and latest information to you, you may choose not to receive such information at any time in the settings of the mobile application or contact our customer service department (email cs@eurogogo .com ) means that you do not wish to receive such information.

  20. Members' personal data will be kept confidential. However, due to system management, operation and maintenance needs, we will transfer or disclose relevant information to contractors who have security responsibilities to our company and provide administrative, telecommunications, computer, data processing or other services related to our operations.

  21. euro go go reserves the right to verify the identity of the cardholders / members.

  22. The client agrees and has a reasonable expectation that any information provided in this application form may be transferred by euro go go to its affiliated companies (including Hong Kong and areas outside Hong Kong) for any marketing purposes euro go go deems appropriate. euro go go has an absolute discretion to determine its appropriate use.

  23. If you become a member of euro go go through the Octopus mobile application, euro go go will not obtain the personal data of the member. The personal data security responsibility of the member will be held by Octopus.

  24. It is the member's responsibility to keep the membership card properly. If it is lost or stolen, the member shall be responsible for the loss of all e-Dollars, e-points and rewards in the loan. When you lose your membership card, please call or visit each branch as soon as possible to report the loss. A HK$20 administration fee will be charged for reissuing membership cards.

  25. euro go go recognizes and regards the correct use of electronic payment as the act of the customer who has been granted the electronic payment right or the person authorized by it. euro go go may execute any instruction to use the correct electronic payment without any responsibility for whether the electronic payment is used by the customer himself or by an authorized person. euro go go is not responsible for any loss to the customer caused by the fraudulent or authorized use of electronic payment by others; except for the euro go go's intentional or gross negligence, We are not responsible for errors or delays caused by human actions or omissions, or for any direct, indirect or other damages caused by any service performance.

  26. Coupon and voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any retail products.

  27. euro go go shall have the rights to revise and amend the conditions required to redeem rewards in any time.

  28. euro go go members shall have responsibility to read the company’s latest membership program details and terms & conditions.

  29. euro go go reserves the rights to decide whether the validity of the membership and the rights to revoke the privileges and rewards without prior notice.

  30. euro go go reserve rights to revise the terms and conditions herein without prior notice. If there are any disputes in relation to the same, euro go go reserves the final rights as to the decisions made.

  31. If there are any disputes between the Chinese and English terms in the terms and conditions herein, the Chinese version shall prevail.


Apr 2023 Updated

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