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Membership recruitment has been opened! Just top up HK$200 to become our VIP & enjoy 20 e points rebate for purchase food and beverages immediately! The quota is limited, please contact our staff at any euro go go branch.

[ Benefits ]


After become a member of euro go go, you can earn e-points after each value-added or purchase by cash. e-points can be used to purchase all the food and drinks on the menu. More value-added and earn more e-point! In addition, we will also offer exclusive offer for members only. Please pay attention to our website and facebook to get the details of the new promotion update. Let's become a membership and enjoy the benefits!

  • VIP card makes your purchase fast & experience fabulous offers!

  • VIP card can be value added by HK Cash ( min.HK$100 ) or e-payment ( min.HK$200 ). All value added amount will not be refunded. e-points could be gained. ( Not including the first time value added )

  • You may also settle payment by cash directly while wave your card as the same time. For every HK$10 cash spending, $1 e-points are earned.

  • Every $10 e-points could be used as cash payment when you settle your food and beverage purchase ( Retail product purchase is excluded )

[ Q&A ]


Q:Should I present my VIP card for every purchase? Can it be replaced by telling VIP No.?

A:Sorry,in order to make VIP purchase transaction & save purchase data, such as e-points & balance, therefore VIP card must be presented for every purchase.

Q:How is the purchase transaction work with using VIP card?

A:With a simple touch of your VIP card at the processing machine, the system automatically deducts the correct amount.

Q:What can I do if there is not enough balance?

A:You can :

i. ​Add value with your VIP card before settling payment.

ii. Or you can just settle the bill by cash.


Q:How can I earn e-points?

A: e-points can be earned when using cash to do transaction.

For every HK$10 spending, $1 e-points can be earned.

e.g. If you spend HK$29, $2 e-points can be earned.

Q:What is the usage of e-points?

A:e-points is used for every food & beverage purchase, not include retail products. Cash $10 is a unit of using.

Q:What can I do if I lost VIP card?

A:euro go go will suspend the VIP card as soon as possible.Please contact our branch servers and arrange for card re-issue. HK$20 will be charged for it. 

[ Terms & Conditions ]


  1. euro go go VIP shall acknowledge & agree to the VIP program terms & conditions.

  2. euro go go VIP Card can be used in all branches in Hong Kong.

  3. After become euro go go VIP, the VIP card can be value added by HK Cash ( min.HK$100 ). All value added amount will not be refunded.

  4. e-point can be earned while cash is used for purchase settlement. e-point are for promotional purposes only and cannot be exchanged to cash.

  5. All spending with using coupon and first time value added amount will not be counted in e-point rewarding scheme. e-point can be earned when using cash to do purchase transaction. e-point earning is based on the actual spending amount (means the amount after all discounts). For example, if you spend HK$29, $2 e-point can be earned. All e-point calculation is based on a single receipt. Members should return all rewards and e-point when transaction occur refund.

  6. e-point can be used for purchase settlement, not include retail products. $10 e-Dollor is a unit of using.

  7. VIP card must be presented in every purchase for recording purchase transaction. e-point will not be added if the card is not presented.

  8. VIP card will be classified as invalid if it has been inactive for two (2) consecutive years. All unused amount, e-points and rewards will not be refunded. Inactive is defined as no purchase activity.

  9. If you do not wish to receive VIP special offer, promotion, and latest information of euro go go, whether or not you have consented of euro go go providing you such information, you can contact euro go go Customer Service Department ( at any time to indicate that you no longer wish to receive such information.

  10. All collected personal information will be confidential. euro go go may use information about you that you provided for purposes described in this Policy or disclosed to you on our Sites or with our Services. We may also share information with companies that provide support services to us (such as payment services providers or website hosts) and that help us market our products and services (such as email & SMS vendors). These companies may use information about you to perform their functions on our behalf.

  11. Members should keep their VIP card in good condition. For lost and unauthorized used by others, euro go go has no responsibility for any loss ( including but not limited to e-Dollars, e-point and rewards ) of members. Please contact us if the VIP card is lost and HK$20 will be charged for card re-issued. 

  12. Redemption may be affected by stock supply of each branch. Affected items will be replaced by other products and without any previous notice.

  13. Coupon and voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any retail products.

  14. All purchase transactions are recorded and shown in purchase receipt. The receipt is treated as an official purchase statement.

  15. euro go go Limited shall not be liable for any claims or proceedings, loss or damages, costs and expenses, directly or indirectly arising out of data leakage resulting from the use of electronic payments. All correct and proper use of electronic payments shall be deemed to be exercised by a duly authorized person.  euro go go limited shall not be liable for any claims or proceedings, loss or damages, costs and expenses incurred as a result of fraudulent activity or unauthorized access to or use of your electronic payment details. euro go go Limited shall not be liable for any claims or proceedings, loss or damages, costs and expenses, directly or indirectly arising out of the failure or malfunction of computer or automatic or electronic systems or negligence or omission committed by a third party unless such claims or proceedings, loss or damages, costs and expenses was caused by euro go go Limited’s willful misconduct or gross negligence."

  16. All member purchase and reward records are subject to the euro go go member database. euro go go will not accept any rewards claims. Obstructing euro go go from the computer system due to technical problems or errors and retrieving the balance information of the member, euro go go shall not be liable for any loss or damage. In the case of euro go go due to network problems, system, phone problems or being intercepted by a third-party application may result in delay, loss, error or inability to identify any membership information, euro go go does not assume any responsibility.

  17. Any information provided in this VIP application may be transferred by euro go go to any alliance companies inside or outside Hong Kong for  such purpose as euro go go may in its absolute discretion deem fit. 

  18. euro go go reserves the right of final decision on any dispute and without any previous notice.


Updated Oct 2021