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 Rich Taste 

Fettuccine with Sole Filet

& Spinach Cream Sauce

The spinach cream sauce with tender sole fillet, every bite is full of flavor delicious. Served with fettuccine have more rich taste. 


 Richest Choice 



Super Pizza is the richest of the pizza. There are mushrooms, pepperoni, pineapple, chicken, tomato meat and green peppers.


 Classic Choice 


Chicken Wings

"Honey Chicken Wings" is the first choice of our customers. Chicken wings baked with hi-quality honey, it tastes great!


   The Italian word "Frittata" was originally used to collectively refer to egg dishes made in a pan. Egg dishes ranging from omelettes, traditional Western-style omelets to Spanish-style potato omelets are covered. Until the mid-1950s, areas outside of Italy still regarded this as a synonym for Western-style omelette. In the past 50 years or so, Italian egg patties have evolved into a unique egg dish, and everyone is accustomed to calling Frittata Italian egg patties. Now come to euro go go and you can taste this Italian flavor, and there are more European delicacies waiting for everyone to explore!

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euro go go is a European Light Cuisine. We offer an extensive range of delicious food & beverage to our customer in Modern European style.

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