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 Rich Taste 

Fettuccine with Sole Filet

& Spinach Cream Sauce

The spinach cream sauce with tender sole fillet, every bite is full of flavor delicious. Served with fettuccine have more rich taste. 


 Richest Choice 



Super Pizza is the richest of the pizza. There are mushrooms, pepperoni, pineapple, chicken, tomato meat and green peppers.


 Classic Choice 


Chicken Wings

"Honey Chicken Wings" is the first choice of our customers. Chicken wings baked with hi-quality honey, it tastes great!


   Margherita is a traditional Italian pizza and a representative of Napoli pizza. It is generally believed that the name Margherita comes from the Italian princess Margarita. Because Princess Margaret believed that "green basil, white Mozzarella cheese, and red tomato sauce are like the Italy flag" on this kind of pizza, she loves this kind of pizza for ten minutes, so she named this pizza after her own name.

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euro go go is a European Light Cuisine. We offer an extensive range of delicious food & beverage to our customer in Modern European style.






   whether it is a worker or a leisurely family, coffee is always inseparable. Do you know how much you know about coffee culture? There are many types of coffee on the market, mainly divided into Italian, American and hand brewed coffee. euro go go mainly sells Italian coffee. What is espresso? I believe you have also heard of "espresso" espresso, which is based on high-temperature and high-pressure water flow, extracted from coffee beans ground into fine powder. The coffee blended with this espresso and milk is also called espresso. In addition to adding personal taste to a cup of coffee a day, many studies have pointed out in recent years that drinking coffee can bring various benefits to the body, such as antioxidant, anti-aging, liver protection, and cancer prevention.  (Source: https://bit.ly/39z6gdk)

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