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OX Tongue in Red Wine

Sauce served with Fettuccine

Red wine braised sirloin with wide noodles Slowly stewed with Italian red wine for three hours will make the sirloin rich and tender. The sauce retains the unique sweet and fruity flavor of the red wine. With red kidney beans and wide noodles, the taste is richer and different Italian flavors can be tasted.


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Italian Coffees

Using high-quality deep-roasted coffee beans, we provide a variety of freshly ground Italian coffee to choose from: Continental coffee, Italian foam coffee, chocolate foam coffee, and a variety of flavors of coffee milk. There is always one that suits you.


 Warm Heart 


Bread Pudding

The most well-known traditional home dessert in the West is definitely bread pudding. The upper layer is crispy bread, and the inside is warm pudding. It is full of egg scent and sweet warmth. It is most suitable for winter.






   whether it is a worker or a leisurely family, coffee is always inseparable. Do you know how much you know about coffee culture? There are many types of coffee on the market, mainly divided into Italian, American and hand brewed coffee. euro go go mainly sells Italian coffee. What is espresso? I believe you have also heard of "espresso" espresso, which is based on high-temperature and high-pressure water flow, extracted from coffee beans ground into fine powder. The coffee blended with this espresso and milk is also called espresso. In addition to adding personal taste to a cup of coffee a day, many studies have pointed out in recent years that drinking coffee can bring various benefits to the body, such as antioxidant, anti-aging, liver protection, and cancer prevention.  (Source: https://bit.ly/39z6gdk)

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euro go go is a European Light Cuisine. We offer an extensive range of delicious food & beverage to our customer in Modern European style.


   In a blink of an eye, 2020 is coming to an end. Have you achieved the goals set a year ago? The older you are, the faster you will find that time passes. After you set a goal, you will feel that it is "one year left"? Or is it "only one year"? If you face the same thing with different mindsets, the results may be completely different. People who follow the goal with a "only one year" mentality after setting a goal are often more successful than those who have a "one year" mentality to complete the goal. In this chasing process day after day, year after year, you will slowly learn what "strives for perfection" is, which is also the theme of this grid "Be the Best", and at the same time, euro go go has treated everything and everything The spirit of detail.



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