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< Remix Branch Exclusive >


 Crunchy & Tasty 

Grill Ham

& Cheese Toast

Smoky ham with mozzarella cheese, sandwiched into grilled French baguettes, savor the rich cheese, crunchy and delicious!


 Fragrant Borsch 

Spicy Seafood Borsch

with Macaroni

Full of seafood and rich borscht, sour and spicy, it's really nice. Paired with macaroni, so you can fully enjoy the taste of the soup without leaving a drop behind!


 Ocean Flavor 

All Green Salad

with Prawn

Seaweed dressing with fresh cucumber, romaine lettuce and selected prawn. Full of ocean flavor, it is a fresh choice whether as an appetizer or main course!


< Remix Exclusive・Morning Refreshing Choice >

Creamy Spinach with Poached Egg

paired with Coffee Latte


< About US >

euro go go is a European Light Cuisine. We offer an extensive range of delicious food & beverage to our customer in Modern European style.

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< Become VIP & Get The Offers >

Become a VIP of euro go go, you can enjoy the e-point rebate every time when you top up or pay by cash. Birthday benefits are also available during the birthday month! You can also enjoy the VIP exclusive offer!The VIP recruitment program is opening now. Just top up with HK$200 at the first time to become a VIP,  you will be given 20 e-points for dining immediately! In addition, there are a variety of exquisite VIP card faces for you to choose from! Please contact our staff at any euro go go branch.

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