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In addition to providing continental catering services, euro go go also collects a variety of European foods and spices for customers, in order to bring more European flavor to everyone. Some branches have retail shelves, customers can buy directly or order on the website and pick up at specific branch.

Item Code : 8525

Parsley ( herbs )

Parsley (QR code).jpg

HK$ 25

[ product introduction ]


Fresh smell & taste, with bright flavor. Common used in fish, salad, soup & sauce.


( net weight : 25g )

Item Code : 8087

 Lotus Caramelised Biscuits ( Pocket pack )


HK$ 18

[ product introduction ]

 The original caramelised biscuit. Caramel flavor and crispy texture, perfect match with coffee. 12 packs.


( net weight : 187g )

Item Code : 9222

euro go go

Natural Walnut

Natural Walnut QR code.jpg

HK$ 38

[ product introduction ]


Unroasted natural walnut without seasoned and processed that contains rich vitamins and mineral. It can nourish brain and reduce cholesterol which is very healthy.


( net weight : 150g )

Item Code : 8523

Basil ( herbs )

Basil (QR code).jpg

HK$ 25

[ product introduction ]


Sweet smell & robust flavor. Common used in tomato-based dishes, chicken, seafood & potato salad.


( net weight : 50g )

Item Code : 8300

PAN DUCALE - Cantuccini ai Frutti Rossi


HK$ 34

[ product introduction ]


Crunchy cookies, biting off the feeling of smoke and toughness, the cookies are mixed with sweet and fragrant raspberries. Cookies and fruity are seamless, perfect match with coffee.


( net weight : 180g )

Item Code : 9226

euro go go

Smoked Almond

Smoked Almond QR code.jpg

HK$ 45

[ product introduction ]


Almond contains rich nutrition and anti-aging. This smoke -roasted almond is crispy, which is the best choice of snacks. 


( net weight : 220g )

Item Code : 8526

Oregano ( herbs )

Oregano (QR code).jpg

HK$ 25

[ product introduction ]


Distinctive, pungent & aromatic flavor. Common used in grill meat, western soup, pizza & pasta.


( net weight : 35g )

Item Code : 9466

euro go go

Blackcurrant Gummy


HK$ 22

[ product introduction ]


Cute heart shape with blackcurrant flavors. Enjoy a handful of sweet & sour.


( net weight : 250g )

Item Code : 9223

euro go go


Raisins QR code.jpg

HK$ 18

[ product introduction ]


Raisin contains rich fibre and potassium. Sweet raisin is suitable to eat with oat, bread and biscuit


( net weight : 200g )

Item Code : 8120

PAN DUCALE - Cantuccini alla Mandorla (Almond)

IMGP1081 QR code.jpg

HK$ 38

[ product introduction ]


This is a traditional Italian biscult, best enjoyed with Vinsanto or other dessert wines at the end of a meal. These biscults are also excellent with espresso, cappuccion, coffee or tea. 


( net weight : 250g )

Item Code : 9227

euro go go

Roasted Salt Pistachio

Roasted Salt Pistachio QR code.jpg

HK$ 35

[ product introduction ]


Pistachio contains rich nutrition and virtue of purgation. This salt-roasted pistachio is tasty and one of the good choice of snacks. 


( net weight : 160g )

Item Code : 8815


Honig Zwerge


HK$ 49

[ product introduction ]


Breitsamer has been making pure, high quality honey products. Breitsamer's Acacia Honey is light and mild tasting and is considered a delicacy. It is in single serve packets(18packet x 8g). 100% Natural. 


( net weight : 144g )

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