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Chicken Wings

"Honey Chicken Wings" is the first choice of our customers. Chicken wings baked with hi-quality honey, it tastes great!





The sweet bread pudding is crunchy outside, but soft and smooth inside, full of egg scent.




Peach Tea

Frozen fruity tea with sweet peach flesh. The after taste of peach fragrance is long lasting, giving off a sweet peach aroma.





   Blue Mussel is rich in omega 3, which can help to maintain the health of human‘s heart and eyes, strengthen brain cells, anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer. In addition, Blue Mussel contains twice as much iron and zinc as ordinary meat. Iron makes more Heme, which can make people more focused, anti-tired, and warmer. And Zinc can help maintain the normal function of the nervous system and skin healing. Also, the most importantly, it can improve human immunity! Moreover, Blue Mussel is low-fat food. A serving of Blue Mussel (5 medium-sized) has only about 7,300 calories, and the protein inside is more than fat, and it is mainly unsaturated fat.Source From:https://bit.ly/2OgtYjn )

< About US >

euro go go is a European Light Cuisine. We offer an extensive range of delicious food & beverage to our customer in Modern European style.

   IN 2020, we hope to provide our customers with a more convenient way to enjoy the taste of European. That is delivery service! Tsuen Wan Plaza, Lok Fu, Wong Tai Sin and Yau Tong branches have all joined the Food Panda delivery platform. We will complete the order as soon as possible. Our dear guests in these areas can savour euro go go ‘s delicacie although they stay at home, office or parties. In the future, we will have more branches to join this service, we strive to make it easier for our customers to eat.



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Become a VIP of euro go go, you can enjoy the e-point rebate every time you add value or pay by cash, you can also enjoy the shopping discounts!

VIP recruitment has started! Just add HK$500 value for prepayment to become a VIP and rebate 50 e-points for purchase any food or drinks on the menu directly. Places are limited, while stocks last, please contact our staff at any branch.

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